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These 2 pieces were developed at the same time as the website within my Web Design & Development Portfolio. I needed to make sure that the business card & brochure not only had a similar look to establish a brand, but it also had to work well with the website.


I really tried to keep the look simple for these 2 pieces, but striking with my colour choices and the visual I chose to use. I feel that both pieces have a very balanced composition which is perfect for creating a sense of peace that a spa would be after.


Overall I'm very happy with the way these pieces turned out especially when you look at them along side the website that was developed at the same time. A branding exercise that came out classic, elegant, serene and above all cohesive.


  • Photoshop CC
  • InDesign CC


Mathew had complete creative freedom on this project and we absolutely loved what he came up with. We will definitely use him again.

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