Mathew Laverty

Motion Graphics Artist in Gravenhurst, Muskoka


Mixing animated graphics
with live footage

Professionally Trained in Visual Effects for Film & Television

Between taking Graphic Design & Web Design and Development I took a Post-Grad at Seneca@York in Visual Effects for Film & Television. I never really got into the Visual Effects side of the business but I did learn how to create Motion Graphics, or what was called back then Brodcast Graphics. Basically I animate graphics to create dynamic animated videos that can be used in many different applications.

Please check out my Demo Reel below to get a sense of what I can do.

Due to my clients nature I am unable to show actual creative work I have done in the past.

Demo Reel

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Using Lean UX Methodology I create user-friendly user experiences and user interfaces.

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Digital Marketing

I create online presences for my clients on social media.

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