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Content Development
& Media Optimization

Benefits of hiring me as your digital marketer:

  • Devise strategies to drive online traffic to your website, improve usability, design and content
  • Assist with managing your web presence(s)
  • Help implement, optimize, track and report on your marketing campaigns
  • Design, build and maintain social media presence(s)
  • Manage online brand campaigns to raise brand awareness
  • Utilize strong analytical abilities to evaluate your online presence(s)

Digital Marketing Services Available:

  • Responsive Email Templates (Fully designed and developed to your custom requirements)

    • With more and more people opening emails on their tablets and mobile devices, it's more important than ever to be sending out your marketing communications in a responsive format (meaning the email will adapt to the size of the screen for the best possible viewing purposes.)

      I can create a responsive email template that you can upload into Campaign Monitor or MailChimp. Once uploaded, the content can be customized with each campaign that you would like to send out.

      The key to a responsive email is making sure it looks good in every email client out on the market. The work is time-consuming, but the outcome is necessary.

    • Starts @ $300
  • Infographics

    • Coming from a graphic design background, I not only know how to communicate effectively through the principals and elements of design, but I can also illustrate your Infographic for you. When information is paired with a relevant image, it increases the ability of the viewer to retain that information by 65%.

      Research has also shown that colour visual content increases the chance of that piece being read by 80%.

    • Starts @ $150
  • Social Media Posts images

    • Stop worrying about all the different size images you will need to post on all of your various social media channels. Let me help you conceptualize an engaging, memorable piece that you can then go and promote on social media. It will increase your shares of that content.

    • Starts @ $40
  • Social Media Profile Optimization

    • Let me help you align your online presence across all of your social media channels. Your visual brand is what creates brand recognition for your business. I can help you establish a cohesive look that will solidify your brand's visible presence across your social media platforms.

    • Starts @ $200
  • YouTube Video Optimization

    • Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world next to Google? You must optimize your videos before posting them on YouTube to get the maximum reach out of that piece of content.

    • Starts @ $100
  • eBooks and How-To-Guides Development

    • Thinking of putting out one of these types of pieces? Why not get the most bang for your buck, especially since you spent all that time putting the piece together. Let me style the layout for your eBook or Guide. We could even put some interactive elements into the PDF to help your users get to where you want them to go.

    • Starts @ $250
  • Marketing Images (Blog posts, Illustrations, Google Display Network Ads)

    • Let me make your piece(s) or ad(s) more engaging with a polished piece of creative that communicates effectively. A polished look strengthens your visual brand presence online and ultimately affects your brand recognition and loyalty.

    • Starts @ $40

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