Mathew Laverty

Graphic Design in Gravenhurst, Muskoka


Graphic Design that Communicates

Rules of Graphic Design I live by:

  • Whitespace

    • Using whitespace, I introduce positive and negative space into the overall composition of your piece of communication. Controlling the eye flow of the viewer, increasing your chances of getting your message across in a clear way.

  • The Elements of Design

    • Using points, lines, colour, shapes, form, tone and texture, I create compositions that communicate effectively and draw the viewer's eye in to continue reading. Making your piece memorable and more likely to be shared.

  • The Principles of Design

    • Using focus, balance, contrast, rhythm, and scale, I introduce the viewer of the piece to a well thought out composition that keeps them interested and engaged.

  • The arrangement of all the design elements, unified with the principles of design, makes up a composition.

    • Communicating effectively will strengthen your brand awareness. Since 90% of the way we "read" is visual, this is an essential part of your presence. The presentation isn't everything, but creating an engaging piece of communication will increase your chances of being read.

Graphic Design Services available:

  • Graphic Designed Collateral I specialize in:

    • Corporate ID/Logos, Stationery, Business Cards, Posters, Brochures, Direct Mailers, Annual Reports, Editorial Design, Newsletters, Advertisements, eBlasts and graphics Collateral.

Industry Standard Graphic Design software used:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Acrobat DC)

    • Additional software used: Windows 10, macOS Sierra, Microsoft Office

      Graphic Design Software

Creative Illustrations now available!

I now offer my illustrative services to my clients

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