Competitor Analysis

Gain valuable insights on how your competitors are ranking.

Analyize your online competition

Get Started

Install the MOZ bar extension in Googl Chrome from the link below and sign up for a free account:

Moz bar Google Chrome Extension

Activate the Moz bar extension on the website you are inspecting.

Go to majestic and set up a free account using the link below:



  • Step 1 :: Using the 2 tools above input your brand URL and collect the data for that URL.

  • Step 2 :: Search for the keyword that you would like to rank for and record it beside Keyword 1. Record your competion and the SERP ranking as well as the other data in the row for that keyword for the top 5 competitors.

  • Step 3 :: Repeat for the other 4 keywords that you are trying to rank for.

Analyize your results

Use this data to gain insights on how to optimize your site and create a strategy on how to beat your competition.

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