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Nessia’s Knits

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When my client came to me she had no idea what she was looking for. Just that she loved crochet! I developed this logo and business card keeping her passion in mind.


The font that I chose has a playful crafty vibe to it and I thought it would work perfectly for her business logo. I added texture to the font to make it look more like yarn. The business card was created with her website in mind to build a brand for my client.


I have really helped my client establish a recognizable brand with the logo and business card I have created for her. I am particularly happy with the logo knocked out in white as it works on virtually any background.


  • Illustrator CC
  • Photoshop CC


Mathew originally did my logo and business cards for me 4 years ago when I started my business. I was in love with them and frankly still am. However as all business do my business has grown over the years and it has come time for an upgrade. Mathew was there for me every step of the way, making sure my new business cards would match my website and facebook creating a unified brand across the board. He was always quick with answers when I had questions and was quick to make any adjustments I needed. Absolutely amazing to work with.

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