SILO Structure

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SILO Example

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Control the way search engine bots crawl/index your site.


    Use the example above to follow along. The arrows indicate a link going in which direction.

  • Step 1 :: Home :: Place a link to all of your top level pages (About, Services & Contact).

  • Step 2 :: About :: Place a link to Home, Services & Contact page.

  • Step 3 :: Services :: Place a link to Home, About & Contact. You will also want to place a link to each of the 4 child pages of Services (Service 1, Service 2, Service 3 & Service 4).

    • Step 3a :: Service 1 :: Place a link to Services (Parent page) & Service 2.

    • Step 3b :: Service 2 :: Place a link to Service 1 & Service 3.

    • Step 3c :: Service 3 :: Place a link to Service 2 & Service 4.

    • Step 3d :: Service 4 :: Place a link to Service 3 & to Services (Parent page).

  • Step 4 :: Contact :: Place a link to Home, Services & About page.

How does this work?

Putting this structure in place forces the bots to crawl your site in a specific order. Indexing each page in sequence and digesting the information in SILO's.

SEO Tip!

If you have external links on your website here is a critical tip to keep the bots from leaving your site when then hit an external link. Simply add rel="nofollow noopener" to your link within the <a> tag and it will keep the bot from leaving your site.

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