Keyword Research

Learn how to find new keywords and analyze existing ones to strategically plan your on-site SEO.

Target Strategic keywords

Get Started

Login to Keyword Planner or create a new account here

Click the wrench in the top right corner and go to Keyword Planner.

Option 1: If you are looking for keyword ideas go to Find New Keywords and type in a keyword to get ideas

Option 2: If you are looking for metrics on specific keywords go to Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords

Use long-tail keywords for your searches as they are lower competition and it is the way users search. Example: Instead of "Graphic Design" try "Graphic Designer in Muskoka".

Tip: Add a location to your keyword to get specific results for the geo-targeted area.


  • Step 1 :: Record your keywords in the worksheet from the results above.

  • Step 2 :: Sort your keywords once you are done by the different filters to gain insights into which keywords you should try to target for your On-Site SEO.

    Tip: Try to target keywords that have low or medium competition with the largest search volume.

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