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Whitespace allows your designs to breath and increases readbility.

Whitespace (negative space) provides rhythm, unity, legibility, readability and balance to your composition regardless of your medium. Whitespace does not have to be white. The term of “whitespace” comes from graphic design printing processes, which generally use white paper. It is an important element of design. The contrast between positive/negative space is crucial to aesthetic composition.

Taking it to the web

In web design it’s the space between graphics, columns, images, text, margins and other elements. In my opinion web design is all about white space, so it’s important that you master is as soon as possible. It makes the difference between good and bad web design. Using whitespace means having a good eye for composition. It make’s the information that you are presenting readable/legible.

Use Whitespace

Whitespace is your best friend. Whitespace helps to balance the layout and emphasis objects. It brings focus to certain objects or pictures. People and layout appreciate it. The trick to whitespace is taking away all of the elements that you want to include and then bringing back the bare minimum.

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