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This project is near and dear to my heart. I built this site pro-bono for a very special friend of mine because I want her to succedd because she is the most wonderful caring person I have ever met. I owe a lot of the way I feel towards myself and life to her. So yeah... This is for you Alaina. Much love.


This site isn't heavy on functionality. It's a simple brochure website with the addition of a course calendar that the client can input class times. To keep it simple the booking of those courses is done all through the site using simple form mailers. This was a better solution to avoid double booking and allowed her to screen her customers. Other then that she has reviews on her site built in that index down the sidebar of Google. Users of the site can also submit reviews right on the site to make it easy for the client to get them. One thing I was quite pround of was the page transitions that I built for this site using jQuery and CSS animations. Super fast... super small... super easy. This site also makes use of a drag & drop editor for the actual page content. The client needed this as she wanted to be able to make changes to the content herself.


I had complete creative control of this website. The client only had the logo done when she came to me. I chose the colour scheme based on current trends for 2016. The site is bright and vibrant and feminine. It perfectly compliments the topic of birthing as all of her clients are female. The main reason I wanted to show this site is it took very little time and (if it was paid for) very little money. The client put all of the content in herself. I only built the shell and did the SEO for her which by the way she's ranking on page 1 ;).


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Responsive
  • Wordpress
  • Course Calendar


Mathew is a very talented man. His passion for design really inspires me when we work together on a new piece of collateral. I trust in his expertise to bring to life a great final piece of work.

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